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Factory Finish bike cleaner was born from a passion of racing motorcycles for 30 years and working in the chemical industry for 25 years. In the early days we used to clean our bikes over the fields with a stick and just poke off as much mud as possible, as we became more creative a washing up brush and bowl was used. I remember in 1981 buying a hosepipe attachment thinking how things had improved!

Did you know?

These days we are more demanding and use pressure washers, but have you noticed how they really only get the mud off and don’t leave your bike with that Factory Finish?

ISO-9001-OptI tried all the bike cleaners on the market, and whilst most of them do a good job, I couldn’t find one that ticked ALL the boxes, so I invented FACTORY Finish – the adrenaline fuelled cleaning solution.

It takes commitment, knowledge, passion and confidence to make the best bike cleaner on the market and prove it!

Bikes and Factory First Product Line
Bikes and Factory First Product Line

Why Factory Finish?

  • Factory Finish is the ONLY bike cleaner that is certified with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) with 9001 AND 14001 accreditations.
  • It is pH 7-8. That’s totally neutral – the same as mineral water.
  • Caustic free.
  • Can be dispensed as a jet, fine mist or foam.
  • Comes in a strong trigger bottle with a quality trigger head that can be re-used infinitely.
  • Pleasant Lemon Fragrance.

Due to its success our customers started requesting additional products, so we kept them happy! Check out our range.

*WARNING* Any Fred in a shed can make a cheap bike cleaner with a canoe paddle and a bath tub. Would you really want to trust your new aluminium perimeter framed or freshly restored race bike with a “cheap” product? Once you’ve used a cheap product and caused permanent damage to components the only way to put the damage is right is replacement – a “cheap” product quickly becomes less attractive.